Baxter Barret Brown

Baxter Barret Brown’s Bass Fiddle

BBB_Bass_FiddleBaxter Barret Brown has a big bass fiddle and loves the big, low sounds it makes as he plays it all day long. Why can’t the fiddle go along with him on every adventure of the imagination? But it can! An adaptation here and there, and over the road they go. Baxter Barret Brown’s Bass Fiddle is an age-old story of the deep bond of friendship between musicians and their instruments. Baxter Barret Brown loves playing his bass fiddle so much that he wants to take it with him everywhere, so he attaches wheels and other gadgets, adding more and more until he discovers that he can no longer play–and that is what he wants to do most of all.

Baxter Barret Brown loves his bass fiddle so much that he can’t bear to be parted with it. So he turns it into a bicycle, and a boat, and a house . . . then realizes his bass fiddle bicycle boat beachfront bungalow no longer plays music. Time to simplify back to the basics. Obviously a labor of love, this is a first book for Texas oil worker and bass player Tim McKenzie. Included with the book is a CD of McKenzie playing bass and singing four kid-friendly songs he composed, as well as narrating the story itself. A sheet music pamphlet is also tucked in should any of his readers be tempted to take up the instrument. Charles Shaw’s watercolors are bright and busy, and his large, hand-drawn letters fly across the pages like reverberations from a plucked bass string. 2004, Blue Sky Press, Ages 2 to 6. —Kathleen Karr, Editor – Barnes & Nobles

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Baxter Barret Brown’s Cowboy Band

In this second book in the Baxter series, Baxter decides to take his big bass fiddle to a ranch to play music with some real cowboys. As the story unfolds, readers will delight each time Baxter’s big bass fiddle is used to help the cowboys on the ranch. Music educators, parents, as well as children will appreciate and enjoy reading this story aloud, full of alliteration about an untouted but essential musical instrument.

A great book about adventure, with a true Texas twang, and interesting, eye-catching illustrations that are full of action and stories in themselves. –

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Meet the Author

Tim McKenzieTim A. McKenzie plays with the Texas-based acoustic quartet Brazos West, has opened for many famous musical acts, and has entertained distinguished personalities. By day, his work is in the Texas oil fields, and he participates in music programs in Texas public schools.