Candlelight at the Ranch

Once again, Brazos West is honored to be able to participate in the 2015 version of Candlelight at the Ranch at the National Ranching Heritage Center in Lubbock, TX. This will be the 6th year in a row for the group to sing, and it’s been a pleasure each time. The first three years, Brazos West […]

Christmas on the Brazos

Some people complain because retail stores start putting up Christmas displays before Halloween. That’s nothing. Brazos West has been working on a Christmas album since May. And boy howdy are we about ready for Christmas to be done! No, we can’t complain. It really is a joy to work on such wonderful music for the […]

Texas Boys Ranch Video

Brazos West has had the pleasure to be involved with the Texas Boys Ranch, in one way or another, for many years. Tim McKenzie was co-host of the telethon for several years running. Gary Moyers has been a behind-the-scenes technician for the telethon for the past 6 years. And, of course, Brazos West performed on the show […]

Tumbling Tumbleweeds

Our new album is coming along nicely. We thought maybe you’d like a little taste of what is to come. Here’s a small snippet of sound from one of the songs, one you’ve probably heard many times. Tumbling Tumbleweeds is a standard in the genre of western music, and we try to stay true to the original […]

A Cowboy Christmas

The simplicity and wonder of Christmas is so easy to miss, and so important to remember. This past weekend (the first weekend of December, 2012), Brazos West had the opportunity to play at the National Ranching Heritage Center Candlelight Christmas event. If you’re not familiar with the Ranching Heritage Center, I would highly suggest taking […]

American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and Museum

I had a chance a couple of weeks ago to stop in at the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and Museum in Amarillo, TX. If you are ever in the neighborhood and have a spare couple of hours, it’s worth the stop. I wasn’t really sure what to expect as I entered the building, […]

To Haw and Gee

  Most dictionaries define the phrase, “To Haw And Gee”, or “To Gee And Haw”, in the following manner. “To go from one thing to another without good reason; to have no settled purpose; to be irresolute or unstable. [Colloq.]” When a person flits from one thing to another like a moth, or changes their […]

Dueling Banjos

Sometimes, you just gotta shake your head and say, “holy cow.” You gotta watch this one.

It’s a Smoke Signal, Folks!

So, how do you bring such two diverse worlds together? How in the world can the Cowboy culture work with the Internet? I ran across a good quote from David Dill regarding  his philosophy of the digital age. Electronics and the digital smoke signal we call the internet is having a profound effect on our […]