It’s a Smoke Signal, Folks!

old-cowboysSo, how do you bring such two diverse worlds together? How in the world can the Cowboy culture work with the Internet? I ran across a good quote from David Dill regarding  his philosophy of the digital age.

Electronics and the digital smoke signal we call the internet is having a profound effect on our lives and many people do not realize it. The wonderful thing to me is that we can share and preserve and expand some of the traditional culture of our past and blend it to make a new ‘cowboy culture’ that will truly be a national treasure. It is my feeling that cowboys from different backgrounds will continue to get together and share using the technology that we now have and it will have an effect on the cowboy culture that can possibly equal the first sharing and exchange that took place when the first South Texans trailed their steers north in the great cattle drives after the un-Civil War.

So, that’s what we plan to do with Not only will we share our music, but we’ll be posting articles and info about our national treasure, the American Cowboy, and the culture that arose from their work. Until then, keep your powder dry and your eyes up.

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