Tumbling Tumbleweeds

tumbleweedsOur new album is coming along nicely. We thought maybe you’d like a little taste of what is to come. Here’s a small snippet of sound from one of the songs, one you’ve probably heard many times. Tumbling Tumbleweeds is a standard in the genre of western music, and we try to stay true to the original sound. Let us know what you think…


  1. ron bontrager says:

    One of my all-time favorite songs. You sound really good. I enjoyed hearing you at Sunset a few weeks back. All the best with sales of this album.

  2. Nancy Poteet (Melinda's mom) says:

    I love the song. I’m glad you are singing country music. I cold listen all dayThank you for sending this. It is the best. Nancy Poteet

  3. Peggy West says:

    Love it! I may be prejudiced, but that doesn’t always alter the truth–the blend is awesome and the sound comes right out of the old west 😉

  4. Thanks Ron. We really enjoyed the evening. Hope your foot comes along nicely. – David

  5. Bob L. Massey says:

    You know a group is fantastic when you can’t tell who’s singing which part. Give it up guys!
    Who’s singing what?

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