Welcome to Brazos West

The Brazos River runs the length of Texas making it’s own kind of music as it flows. It seems a fitting name for a cowboy quartet doing the same.

Brazos West is Tom Spoonts, David Hooten Arlan Privett and Gary Moyers. The members of Brazos West came together in 2011, but individually, they’ve been making music for decades. Three of the four are former members of LCU’s Hard Travelers and have gone on to make music in their own way. The four have joined together, each bringing their own unique style, to create something uniquely cowboy and uniquely them.

So, what will you find at BrazosWest.com? Well, you can meet the guys on their bio page. They come from a varied sets of backgrounds you might find interesting. You might even take a look at some of the recent performances on the media page. If you want to leave a message, you can just holler. You can even check out their Twitter feed for some Brazos West Wisdom.

Thanks for dropping by… we hope you enjoy Brazos West!